Are you prepared?

Set a timeline and task list of what you have to do leading up to the pageant.Once you have been approved to enter the contest and have been named a finalist, you must start preparing for the pageant. Keep it simple and don’t go overboard by spending a lot of money.

  • Incorporate a dance class once or twice during the week and workout to tone and strengthen your body for the competition.
  • Take care of your nails by getting them cleaned and manicured regularly, especially before the pageant. Judges will notice your nails during the interview portion of the pageant so it is important that they are polished and well-kept.
  • Put your pageant looks together. Choose age appropriate options, but if you find yourself stumped about where to go, err on the side of caution and go the traditional route. For example, a great evening gown color choice is white. Choose hair, makeup, and shoes that coordinate with that palette.

    • Decide on a hairstyle for the pageant. Hairstyles should be neat, polished, elegant, and away from the face. Have a trim before the competition and make sure your hair is the lustrous picture of health.
    • Practice different makeup looks and settle on one that best fits your features and your look. The goal for your makeup look should be “less is more”. Appearing too caked on will make you look false, but appearing on stage completely bare faced may make you look washed out underneath the lights.
    • Stay away from wearing lots of jewelry, accessories, and/or hats because it draws attention away from you instead of toward you.
    • Consider whitening your teeth. It doesn’t have to be an extensive or expensive dentist office visit; there are plenty of over the counter options that will add sparkle and whiteness to your smile as well.

    Prepare yourself mentally. Have confidence in yourself and your ability to give the pageant your all. Preparation is the key to feeling confident about your capabilities.[12]

    • Practice the interview portion of the pageant with sample questions with friends and family members to get comfortable with answering questions on your feet with ease. Be creative and positive when you make your answers to put your best foot forward.
    • Read up on current events so that you are not afraid to voice your opinions on certain topics. Stand firmly behind your beliefs as you answer some controversial subject matters.
    • Memorize your introduction so that it will become second nature to you when you introduce yourself to the judges. Most of the time, your introduction is your name, age, and hometown. Add personality by including a famous quote by someone you admire or something witty


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Natacha Jojo
I want to take the time to Thank this impactful organization for giving me the opportunity to compete! I learned a lot from the experiences and was given a whole new global perspective on life! Many great platforms and the fellow contestants were all beautiful angels with inspiring dreams and aspirations! The effort put in towards helping our country and putting the motherland first is unmatched and I wanna give a big thanks especially to Oumie! How fortunate I was to be a part of something so compassionate, impactful, and inspiring! Thank you!❤
Natacha Jojo
Miss Cameron America 2019
Peter Onuwuka
This is the most authentic African beauty pageant in the US. You guys are awesome, continue promoting Africa's great values.
Peter Onuwuka
Marie Lemellel
The world needs to see and hear this intelligent young ladies because they are the future.
Marie Lemellel
Desirel C. Lawrence
Reaching out to these young ladies from a complete standpoint of faith is an attribute we hardly see nowadays. Oumie is dedicated, driven and ambitious with a big heart. Inspired!
Desirel C. Lawrence