What is your platform?

your platform statement is the cause or issue that you choose to dedicate your time and bring awareness to. An example of a platform statement is America’s need to embrace cultural diversity and inclusiveness.

  • Another sound example of a platform statement is poverty levels and homelessness. Think of efforts you hope to align yourself through volunteering and implementing strategy to resolve.
  • Choose an issue you see your nation is facing or one that affects lives globally that really resonates with you.
  • This one page, single-spaced document explains to the judges what your chosen platform will be and why it is important for someone vying for the title to embrace your platform. Also explain how the platform you stand by will further the brand of the overall pageant to the public.[3]
    • The word document should have margins set to 1” on all four of its sides and have a font style Times New Roman with a size between 10 and 12 inches. Set the justification to the left.
    • Focus on what you think is critical that the judges know about your platform and why it’s necessary that you are the person who does the job and promotes the issue.
    • Also consider elaborating on a plan on creating awareness of the platform, your marketing strategy, media plans, and/or the way you will change behaviors regarding the issue.


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Natacha Jojo
I want to take the time to Thank this impactful organization for giving me the opportunity to compete! I learned a lot from the experiences and was given a whole new global perspective on life! Many great platforms and the fellow contestants were all beautiful angels with inspiring dreams and aspirations! The effort put in towards helping our country and putting the motherland first is unmatched and I wanna give a big thanks especially to Oumie! How fortunate I was to be a part of something so compassionate, impactful, and inspiring! Thank you!❤
Natacha Jojo
Miss Cameron America 2019
Peter Onuwuka
This is the most authentic African beauty pageant in the US. You guys are awesome, continue promoting Africa's great values.
Peter Onuwuka
Marie Lemellel
The world needs to see and hear this intelligent young ladies because they are the future.
Marie Lemellel
Desirel C. Lawrence
Reaching out to these young ladies from a complete standpoint of faith is an attribute we hardly see nowadays. Oumie is dedicated, driven and ambitious with a big heart. Inspired!
Desirel C. Lawrence