Are you eligible

Are you eligible to participate in the Miss Africa America Pageant? You must have at least an established connection to one of the countries of Africa. Be at least 17 yrs but less than 35.

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Pageant Resume

Create a professional resume of your qualifications to be considered for the pageant. What makes you stand out. What social issues or cause are you fighting for. Do you have a true passion for it?

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Platform Statement

Your platform statement must be one that truly resonates with the needs of your community or those on a global scale. Being able to come up with a strategic plan on how to influences changes would be critical to all judges decisions.

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Prepare for Pageant

Preparing for your appearances at the different highlights of the pageant is critical. Be confident, bold and do your best to represent the country of your choice. How you prepare determines how confident you are on stage.

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Start Application

Applying to the Miss Africa America Pageant must be done with your best approach. Any lack of attention to the details of your application could be costly to your overall rankings.

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Entrance Fees

Our fees are subject to change but is levied to provide the most empowering experience possible. The fees are determined depending on the level of exposure to be executed on an event.

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