Our Mission

The Miss Africa America Pageant Organization. was founded June 2nd, 2016 with the purpose of giving young African ladies living in America a platform to showcase not only their beauty but most importantly their culture and humanitarian platform as they pave the way for the next generation, and leave their mark on earth. Purpose on A Mission

The pageant is a scholarship pageant and is highly competitive as we receive applicants from each state every year. Our mission  is to bring out leadership qualities, self awareness, and empower women.

We endorse good will ambassadors, and community achievers activities. We intend to encourage young ladies not to be followers but rather to be the leaders they where destined to be not only in America but in Africa and through out the world.

The winner becomes a goodwill ambassador for Miss Africa America Pageant, a role model, spokes person and the face of the Organization for a whole year.

Miss Africa Americas agenda is to display not only beauty, glamour, and elegance but to see purpose filled black women thrive in society and be the leaders they where destined to be.