Sarah John


Bio: Hello, my name is Sarah John. I’m 21 years old and I will be representing South Sudan at this years Miss African American Pageant. A few words to describe myself is positive, humble, and driven. I grew up in San Diego, specifically the eastern part in City Heights area. Growing up in this environment has taught me many things due to it’s low economic status. But as I became older, I’ve always kept in mind of how grateful I am for the life that I live. Many of my family members in South Sudan continue to battle for safety as the unjustified wars continue to grow. One of my missions in life is to become a Philanthropist for City Heights and South Sudan. Providing resources, medical supplies, and setting up funds to improve things such as economics, education, and self development is my desire. Although I understand that aspirations such as mine take time, I’ve learned the importance of always believing in yourself no matter the circumstances. With God’s love and faith, anything is possible.

Full name: Sarah John
Country representing: South Sudan
Platform: student and model
Hobby: reading, meditating, and yoga