Kashmir Kreates


I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I was raised by my Liberian mother and grandmother. Throughout my life, they instilled the values of integrity and faith in me. These two courageous women raised my younger siblings and I to be proud of our Liberian heritage. At the age of four, I discovered my love for dancing. From my first ballet class, thirteen years ago, I have continued to explore my love for performimg. From being casted in all of my high school's musicals, becoming captain for both Dance and Step Team, to walking the runways of New York, New Jersey, and California. In addition to filming, editing, and producing videos for my YouTube channel; I have also dedicated countless hours to the betterment of my school community. Through volunteering at school, and in my small town of Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania I strive to put others first. I have used my talents and influence to inspire younger African girls in my community. At the age of twelve I began my battle with depression and anxiety. Although this has made my life more challenging, I have decided to use my experiences to speak up about teenage mental health. I aspire to attend San Diego State University after graduation where I will study to become a social media analyst. I want to leave a legacy that teaches young girls that with passion, poise, patience and persistence no dream is unachievable.